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When you find your favourite musicians on Hotsource - make sure to click the Add me as a FAN button so that the band can send you emails and SMS messages with special offers and reminders. You'll also get a great weekly summary of where all of your favourite bands and musos are playing. GET OUT THERE!

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Upload images, 30 second audio files, links to YouTube videos, and heaps more. Only authorised people can edit information on Hotsource. If you want edit a your listing, you must be logged in and you must be a authorised contributor, just click on the Edit button to start the request process. If you aren't listed - Add Yourself!

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Find someone - Check the Looking for Bands button on the left to see all of the muso/singers who are looking for bands. You can narrow your search to a specific talent, too (e.g. drums, vocals, cello).

List yourself - If you want to GET OUT THERE! and play more - then edit your listing and check the Looking for Bands box. Make sure you update the Home Base so people from another state don't waste your time (or theirs).